Our deliciously scented hand poured soy candles are made in Utrecht with great care for the craft. With that care also comes care for creating a plant-based and renewable product! The style of our Apothecary candles is inspired by the vintage apothecary of the 19th century combined with a bit of modern time. Our Wood Collection is for the minimalist and those who seek a luxury candle. All collection have their own story! Whether you live in a sleek design house or you have a romantic bohemian wedding, these candles fit with all!

Giselle Habraken started Brandt kaarsen in March 2015 after learning the craft in one of the most inspiring candle studios of New York City. Brandt means “It burns” in Dutch and kaarsen translates to candles.

Kaarsen maken
Over Brandt Kaarsen

She fell in love with the craft and with great encouragement of her candle master she started her own label. The process is simple and always in small batches. From preparing the candle to the pouring of the soy wax, everything happens manually and with utmost care. Brandt kaarsen emit a warm, cosy atmosphere that beats any cold winter day, fits on every dinner table in the Summer and fills your room with a nature inspired scent.

Brandt’s values

  • We want to give you the opportunity to buy candles that are plant-based (100% vegan!), strives to be more sustainable and is very tasteful.
  • To make your home cosy and enjoy the moment of burning your candle.
  • We hope that one of our scents will give you a good memory of a moment. Maybe you’ve got our candle from a friend and we hope you will think of the giver when you light it.
  • We want you to rediscover the care for craftsmanship and pureness of a handmade product.