Welcome to Brandt’s candle collections. We love to play, find counterparts and address a new focus with each collection we make. Also, we want to keep surprising and developing. Not only for our collections but also for us as candle makers. When making a new collection, we always look at our other collections to see what hasn’t been done before. This resulted in the following candle collections by Brandt.

Kaarsen Collectie Nomad Brandt

Nomad Collection

Scent: blends of European flowers, herbs, forests and fruits

Design: cool and tough without being hard or distant

Check out the Nomad Collection

Kaarsen Collectie Hout Brandt

Wood Collection

Scent: wood scents, traditional scents combined with surprising elements

Design: minimalist, with the design of a luxurious scented candle

Check out the Wood Collection

Kaarsen Collectie Sample Set Brandt

Sample SET

Scent: smaller versions of the Apothecary candles

Design: a warm gift, perfect to get to know the Apothecary Collection

Check out the Sample Set

Kaarsen Collectie Seizoen Brandt

Seasonal Collection

Scent: a translation of the scents of each season

Design: elegant and romantic, yet balanced by its minimalist and simple packaging

Check out the Seasonal Collection

Kaarsen Collectie Refill Brandt

Refill Collection

Scent: perfect to get to know all Brandt’s scents

Design: wrapped simple but convenient kraft box. Printed with the recognizable Brandt flame

Check out the Refill Collection

Kaarsen Collectie Apotheek Brandt

Apothecary Collection

Scent: flowers and fruits, simple and accessible

Design: minimalist and appropriate in every room

Check out the Apothecary Collection

Our candle collections

We started with the Apothecary Collection back in 2016. The first 4 candles from this collection were simple, accessible and recognisable, both in scents and design. This created a great foundation of scents of flowers and fruits.

We wanted to make the next collection simple in design but more complex in scents. This resulted in the Wood Collection.

The candles from the Seasonal Collection are elegant and graceful through the glass, profound and surprising in the scents and simple and minimalist in the box. We love to put our ideas into collections in creative ways, because there are so many interesting styles and combinations.

Collections and colours

We are currently exploring which colours we like and which fit the style of Brandt. If you’ve ever bought anything from us, you’ll know that each candle comes in the light grey blotting paper and is wrapped in brown Kraft paper. But in other ways, like with the summer candles, we also like to show our colours. As you can read, we’re always working on something new!

In each candle and collection, you’ll always find three elements that keep our candle family together. That is an accessible candle, made with craftsmanship and the focus on sustainability. Want to read more? Have a look at our artisanal candle studio.