In October 2019 we launched our large scented candle in the Apothecary Collection. To be honest: we have had the jars for the these large candles just sitting in our storage for over two years because we didn’t know what to do with them. Now we can assure you they’re a big success: a lot of customers tell us they’ve been enjoying these candles very much (and for a long time). And we get that, because these luxurious scented candles have over 85 hours of burn time!

Sustainable and handmade with love

It’s very important to us that our candles are made as sustainable as possible. Our large candles, alongside all other candles, are made in our cozy artisanal candle studio in Utrecht. This way, we can control every step of the process and try to make the candles (and everything around them) with love and as sustainable as possible. These large candles are made with 100% soy wax and oils on a natural base. And because we don’t use any animal products, all our candles are completely vegan.

Which large candle is your favorite?

Our large scented candle is the biggest candle in the Apothecary Collection. This collection has 7 scents: Surf Swell, Green Tea Lime, Jasmine, Wild Tobacco, Honeysuckle, Lavender and Coconut & Aloe Vera. Each scent is carefully selected and blended. The large scented candle emits the scents stronger because it has three wicks, making it perfect for larger spaces. As always: please make sure to safely burn your candles!

Grote kaarsen
Grote kaarsen kopen

Enjoy your large candles even if they don’t Burn

Our large soy wax candles smell great and are sustainable, but did you know they also are a great way to give your interior an upgrade? The minimalist design on the warm amber glass creates a perfect between cozy and sensible. We believe they are a great fit for many interiors and thus a great addition to your cozy spot in the windowsill or a 300m2 living room (if you happen to have one). This also makes our special candles a great gift. Surprise your friends, family or acquaintances with a large scented candle, which we’ll always wrap which extra care and lots of love. This way, you’re sure they’ll enjoy the natural candles experience to the fullest!

exuberant Large candles

The large candles from Brandt are an excellent choice if you also want to be sustainable in time. Soy candles are of high quality and naturally burn longer. Also, we exuberantly pour these large candles to well over 500ml while Giselle is from Brabant, a province in the Netherlands know for its burgundy and laidback lifestyle. This way, if choose your large candles, you can enjoy them even longer. And, let’s address the elephant in the room: it’s also a lot more sustainable for your wallet. If you have any questions about our large scented candle, please let us know. We’re more than happy to help you out!