Creagan tells the story of a place where adventure is in the air. Where nature watches over the mountains, rocks and lakes. The juniper berries in the woods whisper tales, the lemon*-scented bushes of the “bog myrtle” hold secrets and the salty seaweed rests on the rocky outcroppings on the shores of the calm lakes. Wild thyme creeps among the rocks, enjoying the sun’s rays and painting the creagan* purple.

Top: Lemon

Heart: Thyme, Seaweed

Base: Juniper berry

*Creagan: Scottish Gaelic for rocks

*Lemon: essential oil

Tip: you do NOT have to cut the wick of this candle!

Tip: for this candle you do NOT have to trim your wick!

Cycling trips totalling thousands of kilometers inspired me to craft a loving ode to Europe. The memories of the scents of forests, flowers, herbs and fields found throughout our beautiful continent are brought together in this collection. The minimalist tin makes this candle lightweight and the perfect travel companion. The candles are made from 100% rapeseed wax and come (optionally) in a box made from agricultural waste. The lines on the box are actually one of the cycled routes from an island in Greece back to Utrecht.