Yes, we do find our candles quite special to be honest! Why? Because each collection and scent has its own story and the design is unique and recognisable (we hope by now). Also, we make each and every candle by hand, and are very passionate about the the craft of making artisanal candles. A day of pouring, perfecting the candles and fantasizing about new fragrances, adventures and possibilities has something soothing to it. But it’s also hard work and we give 100% each day to make our customers happy. And raising the bar raises expectations!

Caring about the world

Sustainability is something we strive for continuously for special candles made of soy wax and rapeseed wax. Still, we sometimes joke: the most sustainable candle is the one that doesn’t exist. In the end, of course, it remains a luxury product. But on the other hand, we then at least want to offer an alternative and always try to grow regarding the topic sustainablility! For example, the candles are vegan and we try to recycle as much as possible. For example, we use recycled packaging materials for example, reuse every carton box we can get our hands on and focus on refilling our candles with the Refill Collection. You can also choose in the shop whether you want a box or not at our webshop.

Handmade special candles

Yes, our passion for candle making is profound. Of course, everything can be done quicker, easier and more efficient, but that also means loosing a personal touch. Who will inspect whether the wooden clothes pegs are placed correctly? Who checks the candles before being labelled? And who writes a personal note for each order? By making each and every candle by hand, and not outsourcing anything, we know exactly what we sell: special candles made with love and precision in our artisanal candle studio. But we might be a bit prejudiced…

Handmade special candles
Special candles

Special scented candles as a gift

Surprise friends and family with special scented candles handmade by Brandt. Our candles are suitable as a gift for many occasions. As a birthday gift, wedding gift, or just to cheer someone up when they most need it. On a summer’s day our luxurious candles will fill the room with a fresh scent. In wintertime, even during the most cold days, you can create a cosy and warm feeling with our candles!

Choose your special candles

Every candle collection has its own story, scents and appearance, making them quite special. Ranging from ‘salty’ Surf Swell and sweet Jasmine to warm Cedarwood & Vanilla and fresh Green Tea Lime. Feel free to sniff around and we are sure you’ll find your favourite candle within no-time. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about buying our candles!